I've been told many times that I'm crazy but the truth is, I'm not. Perhaps I wear the 'strange' persona to cover up one fact: I don't belong. Or maybe that's just another lie I've told myself? Certainly, I'm sure that occasionally I try to make myself different, to distance myself from the humans who hate and destroy.

Then I wonder. Who am I? If I'm not mad and I do belong, does that make me the same as one of those people who sets people to work in factories for zero pay? Does that make me the same as people who start unnecessary wars and kill innocent civilians? Does that make me the same as people who have five-course meals while children are starving?

That is what I am afraid of. I have always tried to be a little bit different, and I've been kidding myself for so long that perhaps I'm not one of you. It never occured to me that maybe these were all just more lies.

And that makes me as bad as every liar who has ever walked on this sorry earth, every liar who has ever made something up to save their sorry hide for fear of death. I am a liar. I have been telling myself lies since I was born.

Was that the truth of it? Or was that just another falsehood?

The End

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