Too Late

My first solo challenge. Oh boy.

"You have 15 seconds to arrange these blocks from heaviest to lightest. You have 5 tries. The time starts when you touch the first block."


I grabbed the largest block and stuck it on the bottom. It didn't feel very heavy. I took the next largest and set it atop the first. It was heavier than the one below it. I face-palmed and realized my stupid mistake. I had assumed. And I had assumed wrong. I began to weigh the blocks and rearrange them but the room flashed red before I finished.

"Four tries remaining."

I started again and made my second mistake. I assumed the blocks would be weighted the same the second time around.

They weren't.

It was like some bizarre twist on Murphy's law. Any way the computer could think of to confuse you would probably be utilized. The room flashed red again.

"Three tries remaining."

Before jumping into the next attempt I stopped to think. Maybe I could use the computer's trickery against it. If it switched the block's weight every time... I could use logic and elimination to figure out which blocks would be most likely to be heaviest and so on.

I noted which blocks had been heaviest and second heaviest and grabbed the three remaining blocks. t was obvious which one was heaviest of the three. That went on the bottom, then I grabbed the second and sorted out the next block. Then the third block, and I had two left. A quick weigh revealed that they were practically the same... I made a guess and put one down, slamming the other on top. Red.


"Two tries remaining"

I used the same sorting process and got down to the final tree blocks. I made a guess for the third block and the last two were obvious. I held my breath as I set them down.


"Yes!" I yelled and ran for the door leading south. If I was correct this was Lilly's room. I threw the door open and ran in almost falling into a big bathtub type of set up. I looked down just in time to see Lilly disappear through a door in a torrent of water.

"Lilly!" I shouted, but it was too late. She was gone. The floor began to reconfigure and I watched with rising anger and anxiety as my next puzzle formed.

I would be quicker this time.

The End

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