Time Bomb


I strode though the force field easily and into the next room. My eyes scanned the equipment, immediately noticing the big green 2 on the wall opposite, then the white cross in the centre of the room. About a metre each way was what looked like 4 sprinklers. The same computerised voice met me.

"Welcome. In this challenge, you must create two crossing rainbows following the lines of the centre cross. You must do it before your 10 minutes is up, and retrieve the key from the centre."

A bright yellow light lit up the room, supposedly the sun. At least it isn't agility. I thought as I ran to turn on all four sprinkles. Much. When all four were on, a black sphere come out of the floor. A bomb. 

"Go." The voice commanded me.

I knew from common sense that the only way to do it would be from trial and improvement. I ran round and adjusted each sprinkler, checking each time. When a rainbow didn't appear after roughly 1 minute, I realised what my mistake was. I cursed out loud then paced, my mind a rollercoaster. 

The light was at the wrong angle, not the water. It needed to be lower. The ceiling was low but I could only reach it if I jumped, and I didn't even know if I could move them. I ran through the alternatives in my head, then it clicked: if I couldn't move the ceiling, I needed to move the cross. I ran over and tried to pick up a sprinkler, but the yellow light flashed red and the voice said, "Forbidden. Five second penalty." 

I cursed again, knowing my only option was to move the ceiling. I jumped up and managed to cling on to one of the slabs. It wouldn't budge. Another thought hit me as I ran over to a side wall. I felt around, looking for an edge to pull out on push in to create a ladder. I found a loose slab and pushed it in with all my might. But my motive was wrong. I didn't make a step but one light got transfered to the slab I just pushed in. 

" Five minutes left." 

I cursed for the third time and went along that row, pushing in all the huge slabs. 

" Three minutes left."

I kept silent, only focusing on the task. I sprinted to the sprinklers, not caring if I got wet and adjusted it. Almost straight away I got one rainbow. One down, one to go. I went back to the wall and pushed in only three slabs of the row above.

" Two minutes left."

I adjusted the water so that I got the other rainbow, but the other disappeared. I ran to and fro, changing them but all the time, only having one rainbow. I resorted to pacing. 

" One minute left."

It hit me. I needed to do it all at the same time. But how? I tried several ways before simply scanning the room for ideas.

" Ten seconds left."

The bomb! I had to twist it to change the angle of the sprinklers! I twisted it right, but they went the wrong way.

" Five..."

I twisted it left, but it went to far.

" Four..." 

I carefully but swiftly turned it back.

" Three..."

My brow furrowed in upmost concentration as I turned it a millimetre right. The room flashed green, momentarily blinding me. My vision cleared. In the centre of the room the bomb opened up into a flower-like shape. In the middle stood an old fashioned  silver key. I picked it up and saw that it was attached to an old bit of string. I put it round my neck, somehow knowing that I would need it in my next challenge. A green door appeared before me.

I walked though.

The End

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