Here We Go


Now that everyone was here, I had a pretty good idea of my chances of winning. They were very slim. Alex was confident, so he had a good chance. Archie was clever, so he had a good chance. Tori and Addie were really competitive, so they had a good chance. This put me right at the bottom of the food chain, simple little shy girl.

We had kind of given up on working out how to leave this room, and now sat on the floor chatting idly. Well, Tori talked about her new summer makeup, while Addie fidgeted, Archie listened patiently, Charlie looked around the room, Alex squeezed my hand every now and then, and I stared at the floor. It wasn't that Tori was unfriendly, it was just that I wasn't really interested in makeup. I never wore it, and I knew nothing about it. She was just getting onto the subject of how light her matte mousse foundation was when we were shrouded in complete darkness. We all made a general noise of surprise.

"Contestants," said the computerized voice from the entrance. "Now that you have all arrived, Snakes and Ladders has officially begun. You will be given a series of tasks to complete. There are six doors in this room. Each door leads to a different room. You must complete a different task to get through each one. Each task will be explained to you on a sheet of paper, and you will not receive any help. You are being monitored, therefore if you are hurt or injured in any way, someone will come to collect you, but you will also be eliminated from the game. The person who gets to room one hundred first will win the game. Roll your dice."

The lights came back on and we all blinked to adjust.

"So what do we do?" Tori asked.

I thought immediately of something we could do, but with five other people in the room to hear it I doubted my voice would even work for Alex.

Luckily, Archie voiced what I had thought. "Maybe we should take a door each?"

"I'll go with Lily," Alex said.

I shook my head, and he frowned at me. 

"I'll go on my own," I managed. He shook his head, and I was very aware that everyone else was watching this conversation.





"So are you going together or what?" Tori asked.

"Yeah, make your mind up, guys," Addie rolled her eyes jokingly. "Or nobody will win this."

I groaned. Here we go, I thought.

The End

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