A tip

Addaline Peters


It was the day I had been waiting for. The day I wanted. I knew I was going, how could I not? I’m Addaline Peters, I was bred to win.

I walked into the door I was pointed to, and found myself in the hands of a women. She took my arm in her large hand and took me down a long hallway. She made me stand while she told me I need to take of my jeans, which was very odd. If I was going to win this game pant less, I was going to throw a royal fit. Instead, she handed me a t-shirt.

She took my shoes and socks and made me take the bobby pins that kept the braid in my hair back.

“Why?” I asked. What could I booby pin do?

“You could stab somebody with it.”

“That’s a load of bull.” I said. She raised a eyebrow, and took them, no ripped them, out of my hair.

I cussed.

She lead me into a gym and had me run, walk, jog and just about any other workout you can think of. She nodded when she had me kick box on a dummy. Did she know I had been kicking my brothers but since I was seven? I bet not.

She realized she hadn’t taken my shirt, which was a plain pink shirt with Aero on it, and made me change into the same shirt but, surprise, no Aero on it.

“Come on then. Let me give you a tip.” She said, leading me down a maze of hallways. “You’re the youngest, and you will look the weakest. Fool them. I know you better then you do-more then you think.” I cocked a brow. “You can win this.”

“I thought you weren’t allowed to give tips?” I asked, remembering reading that bit of infor somewhere.

“I’m not. But you might need it.” I nodded as she opened the door for me. I are ready had a plan.

I was going to get out of this room now.

The End

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