I ran into the building, out of breath. The old hag looked me over and simply said, "You're late."

I groaned inwardly at how obvious that was. Quickly putting me through all the tests and stripping me of everything I had, including my clothes, she threw me a pair of black basketball shorts and a blue t-shirt. I hastily threw on the clothes, and the lady grabbed my arm and pushed through a door.

I snatched my arm away and started rubbing it. That lady had some nasty nails.

Looking around the room, I thought it was empty. But on second glance, I saw three people in a corner. Walking over, I noticed that there was one female in the group. She was holding hands with a tall, black haired boy in a white shirt.

 Judging from the way that the black shirt fit the girl, and the white shirt fit him, the had switched shirts. The other boy in the group had on a green shirt.

When they finally noticed me, I flashed them a smile. "Hi, I'm Charlie. Sorry I'm late."

The nerdy kid in the green shirt stuck out his hand first. "I'm Archie."

The boy with black hair stepped up next to him. "I'm Alex. And this is my girlfriend Lily."

I smiled wider. "Glad to meet you guys. What's going on?"

They all looked at each other and shrugged.

"We really don't know." Alex spoke for the group.

I nodded and walked over to where they were standing. I saw a hole in the wall, and a Snakes & Ladders board. Seeing the blue dot blinking, I immediately knew that it was supposed to represent me.

A sudden feeling of dread creeped into my stomach. 

The End

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