Last Goodbyes


I pulled my cardigan on and ran downstairs, for what I wondered would be the last time. I went into the lounge where I found my dad, reading. He didn't even look up. "I'm going." I said.

"Okay, son." He hesitated, then stood up and held out his hand. "Goodbye." I shook his hand, but we both pulled into a hug.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry I'm not the son you wanted, but I won't stop being myself for someone else."

"Don't be sorry, Archie... I'm proud of you." He pulled away and sat back down. I shouted goodbye and walked out, in surprisingly high spirits.

Luckily, the house - building - was only a few streets away. I walked past it on my way to school, so I knew the way easily. I arrived in no time, and saw the sign on the door. Wondering why we couldn't go in, I trampled through the long grass and down the dark alley. I paused before going in, sweeping the hair from my eyes. I pushed open the door and was met by a computerised voice.

I stalked into the dull room to my left, my eyes having adjusted to the darkness. Close to the door was a strange woman who took me through a very well-thought-out safety check. I tried to talk to her whilst she was doing it, but she just shook her head - whether it was because she wasn't allowed to say, or she simply couldn't, I didn't know.

She made me take off my watch change my shirt and jeans, something to do with the buttons, although I didn't quite catch it. After, I had to take off my shoes and socks, but she said that everyone did it. Still with no shoes on, she made my take many health tests - any that you could think of, she tested.

I was left tired and breathless - I'm not the fittest of them all - when she ushered me into another adjoining room. The door shut with a loud thud. I gazed around at the two other contestants, and the bright green square with the word 'Start'

"Hey, I'm Alex." He was cute.

"I'm Lillian." Said the girl. They were holding hands so it was obvious they were together.

"Hi. I'm Archie." I replied. The game had begun.

The End

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