A less than happy meeting

I walked through the doors where I was met by a odd looking lady who kinda reminded me of a witch. She took me into a room and what happened there was nothing short of violation. She took my watch, my phone, my soul and had me remove my shirt and pants, which was very awkward. I was given the most raggedy, wrinkled excuse for a black T-shirt in the history of forever and a pair of scratchy tan shorts. I had to remove my socks and shoes which seemed normal after the last 10 minutes. Then she led me into some kind of gym where I was put under some stamina, strength, and fitness tests.

I felt like I was going into space not a game show.

The witch looked me over one last time and seemed satisfied. She instructed me to head through the double doors on the right side of the room. I would wait there for the remaining contestants and then we would start. I pushed open the doors and walked into the room. I noticed three things.

One: "Start" was painted on the floor in big green letters.
Two: There was a girl in an outfit similar to mine except she had a locket bracelet.
Three: She was my girlfriend.

She spun around arms across her chest trying to hide her bra, which was showing through the white fabric. Her mouth dropped open as I'm sure mine had and we just stared at each other.

"Alex?!?" She exclaimed at the same time I said, "Lilly?!?" We stared a moment more then did one of those slow motion runs towards each other and hugged. It could have come out of a movie except that we weren't in a field of flowers or on a beach. I looked her up and down felt my eyebrows raising. She blushed a little, "I didn't know they were going to take my clothes! I hope they don't televise this thing."

I laughed and she punched me. It wasn't just about her clothes I was sure. Lilly was a bit shy. That was one of the reasons I liked her, it was cute. "We can switch shirts if you want" I offered. She nodded gratefully and I pulled mine off. I handed it to her and waited. She coughed meaningfully. "Huh? Oh. Sorry." I said turning around, with a sigh. "Yeah sure you are." she said sarcastically. "Ok I'm done." I turned around and took the shirt that she was holding out. I raised it over my head and put it on. It was a bit tight but it fit.

She kissed me, whispered "thanks" and we sat down against the wall. I was beginning to worry about what I had gotten myself into. I was worried that Lilly was a part of it. I was thankful that I was at least here with her to watch over her and all that stuff.

My head snapped up as the doors opened and the next contestant walked in.

The End

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