Tonight the plans between me and you were as usual as the sun that was going to rise the next day, casting the same shadow on the same wall that it does everyday. It was 1:51 AM and I was sound asleep but I left the door to my room unlocked and told you to walk in anyway. Each time before you entered you smoked your last cigarette and inched in without noise. Tonight was the first time something unusual happened. You were lurking out my window, finishing up and taking in your last couple of drags. My window was open allowing the crisp fall air to swirl around me and hug my blanket  and its threads as they fought to keep my body heat enclosed. The smell of your cigarette swirled within my room, awakening me. I held my head up but I didn't need to. It was a smell that signaled me it was you, and what was weird is that it left me comforted. This was new, this was not like me, this wasn't like that at all. It couldn't be.


The End

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