Sam: Party TalkMature

I cuddle Kita for a long while then I get up and turn on my laptop. Kita looks at me with wide eyes, Ismile.

"I need a new phone." I say and shrug, she nods and smiles. I order my phone then turn off my laptop. I turn back to Kita. "So we having a party for Ollie?" She rolls her eyes."C'mon Kita, you've got to tell me something." I smile at her. "No I don't." She smiles back. I start to laugh. "Okay then." I shrug then start tiggling her.

She starts laughing, trying to push my hands away. "Get off!" She says in between laughs. "Nope. Not until you tell me about Ollies birthday." I keep tiggling her. I love it when she laughs. There's a loud knock at my door.

"Will you two shut up!" El yells through the door and I laugh. "Sorry El, I'm interigating Kita." I can hear her groan. "Kita tell him whatever he wants to know or I swear to god, I'll smash up the kitchen!" We both laugh.

"Okay, okay. I'll say." I stop and look at my girlfriend, my eyes staring intohers. "We're going to throw a huge party for him. Everyone will come. It's going to be sooo fun!" I smile at her, she really has thought all this through hasn't she.

"Your brother and father coming?" Kitas face drops.What did I do? She pushes me off  her and stands up. She shrugs and tries to smile it off. I go over to her and hold her tight. "I'm sorry Kita, Iwasn't thinking." I mutter into her hair.

I hold her chin gently and kiss her lips. We pull apart to breath. "I am sorry Kita." She shrugs and walks out to the kitchen, I follow her. "So. You gonna buy a supermarket?"She gives me a questioning look. I smile. "Remember the last party we all went to? Ollie eat all the food before everyone else and was still hungry?" Kita starts tolaugh remembering.

I pull her into another hug and kiss her lightly on the lips. "You're amazing Kita Marks." I smile down at her and kiss her again.

The End

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