Kita: Truth outMature

I gather together the plates and put them into the dish.... then all the other plates and glasses left on the side. I shake my head smiling.

"Yikes that's a lot of plates" Amy says coming in carrying a couple of glasses. She slips them into the washing machine.

"Come on chilli night" I say. "Thats a lot of washing"

She smiles back then sighs seeing the clock. "I better get home" she mumbles.

"Get Ollie to drive you. I'm sure he'd be thrilled" I say smiling.

Amy laughs. "See ya" she says then escapes out the kitchen. I hear laughter and know Amy asked Ollie.

I finish up turning on the machine and come out just to see them disappearing. I shake my head smiling. I slip on the sofa close to Sam with a slight distance.

Sam wraps his arms round me and pulls me close. I snuggle up happily. "Yuck!" El exclaims. "I thought those guys were bad"

I see her wrinkle her nose and laugh. "I don't think this is bad at all" Sam mutters. Then he kisses me.

"Eww!" El races away and I burst out laughing pulling back from Sam.

"You're mean" I say elbowing him and sitting up. Basically pulling away from him and sitting with my knees pulled up to my chest.

"Something wrong" he asks.

"No" I say shaking my head and reaching for the remote. Its snatched from my grasp and I look at Sam.

"Tell me about your family" he says placing it off to the side.

"Not much-"

"Kita.... Please. I know nothing of your past at all. You know alot of mine"

I sigh. "My fathers ill. My brothers ready to inheirate the status of the Marks family. Mum died when I was young" I say. "Not much to say"

"I'm sorry"

"Its okay"

"Um, you metioned Status?" He mumbles.

I begin to laugh. "Your mum would love this part" I say shaking my head. He looks at me confused and I sigh. "My father owns an estate"


The End

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