Sam. - Spaghetti Bolognese.Mature

After I kiss Kita Marks, I head back to my room. I laugh at Ollie talking about god knows what to Amy. He's never talked this much in his life or at least more then usual.

I lay on my bed. I don't have it bad doI? I mean yes I don't really like my parents but I'm in a band! And going out with one of the hottest and most kind girls ever. I can feel a smile on my face as soon as I think about Kita. Man, she's amazing!

Then a thought crosses my mind. Where did she go today? And why isn't she gonna tell me?

It's probably nothing but, the truth is, I don't know much about Kita Marks past. I don't even know anything about her family.

I can smell spaghetti bolognese drift into my room. Hmm, my favourite!

"Guys, food's ready!" Kita yells from the kitchen. My stomache rumbles, just in time. I nearly run out the room and into the kitchen where Ollie's sitting fork and spoon ready. Amy is opposite him laughing.

I sit down just when El comes into the kitchen, her hair a bit messy. I wonder what El does, most of the time she's in her room. Can't think about that now, my beautiful girlfriend has put a steaming plate of speghetti bolognese in front of me. "Thanks babe." I say, licking my lips and getting stuck in. Hmmm, speghetti bolognese.

The End

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