Ollie: Hanging With AmyMature

Wow, things had been so busy this year I hadn't realised my birthday was quite so soon. Three days... Making me the only official adult in the band. Does that mean I get to boss the others around? Probably not. That sucks, bossing them around could have been fun. I've always wanted to shout "do your homework!" at someone. No idea why.

All of a sudden there was an urgent knock at the door. Now who could that be? People that come to see us generally make it through the press in time to knock on the door. And the press aren't so polite. They just keep knocking and knocking and knocking and knocking and knocking, normally until I get up and tell them to piss off but in language you wouldn't want your children to hear. All of a sudden, Amy's voice shouts through the door. Evidently the press are bashing her for info.

I ran to the door, tore it open and pulled Amy inside. I always feel sorry for girls when the press are about. I mean, guys are normally taller or musclier so we stand a chance. But all the girls I know are these short little things that you can't help but want to protect when the paparazzi are about. And then because they're all short the press just gang up and surround them. That's when being a guy comes in handy as well. Me and Sam have gone topless a few times to distract the press long enough for El to get out of one of their Rings of Death.

"Do you want me to get you something to eat?" I ask. Sam seems to find it hilarious. "What?"

 "Since when do you get food for other people?"

"All the time" I said, pouting a little and feeling my face start to heat up.

Amy handed Sam a guitar case and I pressed a hand to my cheek. Wow. If my cheeks weren't bright red then I'm magic. I heard Amy say "backstage pass" and nodded, knowing what she was asking even if I wasn't paying attention. "Deffinately!".

And they all started laughing again. Which did wonders for the redness of my face, I'm sure. Sam disappeared off with his new guitar and me, Amy and El went to the lounge to watch TV. El sat in between me and Amy. Which I have to admit was kind of annoying. And she had the remote. See, me and El have different tastes when it comes to the TV. I'm content watching either a kids show or I'll get really caught up in some documentary. Or the music channels good enough. But El... I don't even know what she puts on. I lose interest within seconds and normally end up doing something with my drums.

So instead of paying attention to whatever it was she put on, I talked to Amy instead. She's a great girl. And really funny. And apparantly we pissed El off. Oh well, at least I got the remote. I switched it to the music channel in time for possibly the best part of a song in the history of forever. Well, in the history or Mayday Parade. Before I knew it, I'd jumped up on the sofa and was singing along.

"Consider this as a gift as you taste him on your lips
And he's making you scream with his hands on your hips
I hope he's leaving you empty baby this is just a fix
For such a simple little whore

I heard Amy laughing  and looked down, a sideways grin on my face.

"Something funny, Miss Johnson?" I asked, throwing myself back down on the sofa.

"Oh, nothing, Mr Summers" she said with a laugh.

"Hey! Hey! Hey, I just noticed something!" I said, poking Amy with each "hey".


"Ollie Summers," I said, pointing at myself, "Danielle Winters" I pointed outside at the press, a smile on my face.

Amy smiled just as Kita burst through the door. I swear to god my head hit the ceiling I jumped so much. She said hi to Amy and turned her attention to Sam, making her way to the kitchen.

"Better start on lunch.  You staying Amy?" Kita said.

"If you don't mind..."

"Course I don't. Its not like I have to cook much more usually I make extra's incase the boys are very hungry"

Amy laughed and I felt my cheeks turn a little pink.  "Hey foods good for you".

All of sudden, WHAM! El's thrown a pillow at my head. What did I even do to deserve that?!

"It's not how you scoff it down" El said and Kita slipped into the kitchen, Sam following her.

"Is too" I said, crossing my arms and pouting.

The End

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