Kita - What?Mature

"Thanks, Rich" I say slamming the door of the porsche.

He's park round the corner on my instructions. No camera's. "No problem sis" he says smiling. "Remember call if you need anything"

"Sure" then I turn and leg it down the street. The paparazzi see me but I weave quickly and reach the door. I slam it behind me and everyone pops out. I sigh.

"Hey Amy" I say smiling.


"How come you were so long?" Sam asks.

"Went for a loooong run" I say.  "Better start on lunch.  You staying Amy"

"If you don't mind..."

"Course I don't. Its not like I have to cook much more usually I make extra's incase the boys are very hungry"

Amy laughs. "Hey foods good for you" Ollie says. I hear a pillow thrown and look back to see that El threw it.

"It's not how you scoff it down"

Everyone begins to squabble and Sam follows me into the kitchen. He sits on the stool next to the counter and watches.

"Where did you go?"he asks.

"On a run I told you" I say calmly.

"No, seriously Kita" He gets up and closes the door. "You're not tired enough to have been on a run I know you. Where did you go?"

I sigh. "Family buisness" I mutter.

"I've never heard much about your family" he says calmly. "What are they like?"

"Not much to tell" I lie.

"Kita.... Please, you know all about me"

I turn and find him to be quite close I put the onion down on the side. I fold my arms across my chest.

"Not much to tell" I say. "I need to get lunch re-"

He kisses me pulling my close to him. I return the kiss pulling him face closer. I pull back for air. "Now you can continue" he whispers stroking my cheek.

I smile cheekily and begin to make the spaggetti bolagnaise

The End

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