Sam. - Kita's Song.Mature

I take the guitar and go to my room. I open up the case to see an oldish guitar. Cool! It's newly painted. It's got black and blue all over it and says SlashFlash. This is totally awesome!

I tune it and then start playing the song Kita wrote for me. Man, I love that song! Then it starts to change to something of my own. I don't know why but lyrics pop into my mind.

"I look at you

You look at me

Oh baby I love you can't you see?

 I'll give you my guitar and my bike

 As long as you swear not to take a hike

Oh baby."

Okay, I'm not the best singer in the world but I think that's the best song I've ever made up. God, that's sad! That song proberly sounds crap and I'm saying that's the best I've made up! Man, I'm gonna leave the song writing stuff to Kita. I wonder where she is now.

El's head pops around the door. "You have to help me." She says, her eyes pleading. I laugh. "What's themproblem?" She looks at me like I should know. "Er, hello. You left me with Ollie and Amy! They're doing my head in!" I laugh. "El, why don't you sort it out yourself?" She rolls her eyes. "Because I like Amy. You tell them to shut up." I sigh, putting down my new guitar.

I go into the lounge with El behind me and I start laughing. I turn to El. "El. They're just laughing. Cut them some slack okay?" I shake my head as I walk back to my room. "Well you don't have to sit in the middle of them!" El yells. "Neither do you." I shout back from my room.

I shake my head once more. I pick up my guitar again and start to play.

The End

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