Kita: BrotherMature

I run like hell and off course I out run the Paparazzi.

I head for my parents house. I need to visit them. I get to the gates and look through into the estate.

Okay, I ran 4 miles to visit my parents not the best idea but still. I take a deep breath and go over to the buzzer.

I press the button. "Marks residence" a voice calls through.

"Hey, Its Kita" I say happily.

"Ah, nice to hear your voice miss Kita. Let me let you in" then the buzzer cuts off. The gates swing open.

I run up the drive way which is 100 metres. I remember I use to practice sprinting here.

I get to the door and my brother answers the door. I throw myself at him and he catches me twirling me round.

"Its amazing to see you Kita" He says happily. I laugh and he drops me to my feet.

"I came to visit you mocho buisness...... Hows Father?" I ask becoming serious.

"He's no so great still.... thinks shes here" he says calmly.

"I'm sorry I left you alone Rich" I say using his nickname, short for Richard.

"No, you need to continue your career..... you're welcome to live here with you friends" he says.

I cringe.

"Ah, yes the money factor sorry" he says smiling. "You know Dad showed me his will yesterday"

"Really?" I say. Dad has never spoken of a will.

"Yep, I get the estate and all the stuff like the car and gold, etc. You get the money and the Villa on the coast" He smiles at the end.

"Oh my gosh I love that place" I squeal.

"I know" Richard says. We use to stay up in the villa me and him being home taught until he went to high school. I joined him later being 5 years younger but he was in college quickly.

We only saw each other at family meetings.

I had moved to the house by then...... then I set up the band. I haven't seen Richard in months.

"Anyway, why you come up, must be a big reason?" he says. I gasp prentending to be insulted.

"Am I not allowed to visit my family" I say in a posh manor. Richard laugh but then raises his eyebrow. "Sam.... he kissed me"

"Good going girl. How about telling me about it? I heard you two were fighting" he says and I follow him to the lounge.

The End

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