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Keep it quiet. Okay. That's not what I want to do. I want to tell everyone! But I know why not. The press might get too much and, of course, there's my parents.

My mother will fip when she finds out! And I'm not sure what father will do. I really can be botherd with what they do, it's Kita's reaction to it all that worrys me. They can get too much, especially for me, but I don't know how Kita will handle it.

Yeah, Kita's hard when she wants to be but I've also seen her break down - kinda. I don't want her to get hurt and when my parents find out, they'll do whatever they can to break it up. They always have and always will. I sigh as I shake my head. I love Kita too much to see her hurt again.

There's a urgent knock at the door. My eyebrows start to knit together. Who could that be? Not Kita and not the press. Last time they kept on knocking Ollie went out there and told them all to piss off, well, not in so many words. I go and stand by the door and see El and Ollie staring at it just as confused as I am.

The door gets knocked on again, this time louder. We all look at each other, trying to work out if we should answer it or not. "For gods sake let me in! C'mon you guys! No I bloody don't want to answer any questions about the band! Stop pushing me you  jerk!"We laugh, relief showing on all are faces. It's just Amy.

Ollie runs to the door and nearly takes it off it's hinges to open it. His smile is wide, looking just like a kid at a sweet shop. Amy is standing there panting like mad and the press are yelling out questions. Ollie pulls Amy in and slams the door. Amy leans against the door, looking at peace. I laugh and she gives me evils. El shakes her head and turns on the her laptop. "Do you want me to get you something to eat?" I look at Ollie and laugh harder.

He looks up atme. "What?" He says. "Since when do you get food for other people?" His face goes red. "All the time." El bursts out laughing and Amy shakes her head, smiling. Amy holds out a guitar case tome. I take it, confused. "I knew you wouldn't get a new one until last minuet so I borght my old one around." She shrugs. "Amy, you don't have to.." I begin but she laughs.

"You can repay me later. Say, getting a backstage pass to your next gig?" She giggles. "Deffinatly!" Ollie says nodding. We all burst out laughing, his face reddens.

The End

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