Kita: MorningMature

I flip the bacon and feel arms go around me. "Off" I say elbowing Sam. He lets go pouting.

"I'm cooking, geek" I say smiling back at him. He smiles back and quickly catches my lips. I totally forget the food cooking and turn wrapping my arsm round his neck.

"So what you think El they gonna make it through the press?"

Me and Sam turn to look at them. "Hmm, depends if the passion stays" she says.

There leaning in the door frame. I blush and let go of Sam and turn back to cooking.

"Food will be ready in five out of the kitchen please" I say.

"Does that include lover boy?" El jokes. I smile over at her.

"Of course, my kitchen my rules. I still am official owner of this house"

"Hey, I was wondering about that when you moved out" Ollie says. "So you are still the official owner"

I nod. "The house is under my name even though I'm not the only one paying for it. Now out" I say.

They all walk out and I serve up the food.... which is slightly burnt. Great Sam!

I carry the plates through on a tray and like always the boys grab theirs first.

"You'd think they were dogs" El says as I sit next to her. I laugh and the boys glare at us.

"Okay, scedual for tommorow. We have a recording a three and a party to attend at this hotel. The cars driving us" I say. "Dress nice"

"Formal or Party?" El asks.

"Mix" I say. They all moan. "I don't get why you just hate the mix"

"Cause you have to act posh and look like your having fun other wise the press take it to level 20" Ollie says.

"Hey, isn't it your birthday soon?" Sam asks him.

Ollie nods. "Three days. You guys better get me-"

"Party arranged and gift sorted" I say simply. They all turn and gawk at me. "What I'm organised. Where the hell would this band be if I wasn't?"

"Down the gutter?" El guesses.

"Exactly" I say and scoop some beans into my mouth. "I'm going for a jog" I say picking up everyone's empty plates.

"May I-"

"No, you may not join me Sam" I turn to face him. "We're keeping this quiet..... Okay?"

He nods. I turn my glare to Ollie and El and they nod.

"Good" I say then disapear into the kitchen.

The End

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