Ollie: Girl, You've Got GutsMature

"Okay, one thing you girls need to understand: my car, my rules" I said, laying down the rules for this Amy chick.

"Sure, Ollie" El said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm serious. That means nobody touches the stereo but me, unless I tell you to. Got that? Good. I think you and me are gonna get along just fine" I said with a smile.

Amy and El had both chosen to sit in the back but I knew El was just waiting for the perfect moment to call shotgun. The second that girl gets in the front of this car, war will break out. Man, she can never leave my stereo alone. I put one thing one, she changes it for something else. I swear she's even started sneaking some of her CDs in here. I couldn't be bothered to choose a CD so I just had to hope whatever was in there already was decent. Of course it would be. It is my car after all. The punk sounds of All Time Low in their early days filled the car and I felt a smile spread on my face.

"Can you hear the crowd is calling,
"Hey, sing louder now,"
You've got to show them what it means to be alive.
Dancing through the night has never been so rock n' roll,
you've got a good thing and it's time to let them know

It was only when I realised I was kind of singing that I remembered Amy and El. I glanced at them in the rearview mirror and felt my cheeks turn red. They were laughing like hyenas. Man, that sucks.

"Don't you have a home to be in?" I asked Amy sulkily, puting a little. Yeah, I tend to pout when I'm upset.

"I'm already late, a few more minutes shouldn't matter" she said, still laughing a little at me.

"You've got guts, girl. I like it" I said, instantly out of my sulk.

El and Amy started talking about something and I focused back on the music. I took a right turn and headed for this spot I used to hang out at before I met Kita and the others. It wasn't much, just this kind of place to sit and skate outside an old garage that hadn't been in service since about the 80s. It's a wonder they never tore the place down or put some other garage in its place. But either way, it's a nice place to hang. It has a homely feel to it, if that's possible for the outside of a run down building. Either way, my car my rules and that's where we were going.

The End

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