Sam. - All Gone.Mature

Man, I feel so bad about hitting Kita! I didn't mean to, no way in hell would I hit a girl, esecially not Kita! We're on her bed just holding each other. Man, thisis peaceful! Why is it so quiet?

I sit up confused. Kita looks at my probably wondering why I'm getting to my feet. I open her door and lookout. They've gone! They've all gone! Ollie, El and even Amy are gone! I got into all the rooms but nothing. And Ollies car is gone. I turn to see Kita watching me, amusement playing in her eyes, as she holds up a note.

She reads it out.

'Kita and Sam. We're popping out for a bit. Give you two a little privacy. Cya soon or whenever. And Ollie says that as you lot have took his car so much, he expects feeding when we're back. Sorry, the boy's a machine I swear! It's a wonder he's not fat! He just doesn't stop eating. Anyway, cya soon.

From Amy, Ollie and El.'

I smile shaking my head. "I'll tell Ollie what he car do with his car." Kita starts to laugh. "That Amy girl sure is smart. She seems nice." Kita says through laughing. I smile. "Yeah she's alright, very sistery." Kita raises her eyebrows. "So you two never...?" I shake my head. "Never. You're the only girl for my Kita Marks." She blushes and I pullher to me for another amazing kiss.

The End

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