Kita: Stop!Mature

We were all yelling stop and I knew it was no use. Joe was getting pulverized never mind the defensive training.

Then I thought of something stupid. Joe stumbled back a space finally between them and I stepped into it facing Sam.

His fist hits my face and everyone gasps. I stumble back into Joe but remain on my feet. Sam freezes and I take advantage of it.

I grab his wrist twist his arm round to behind his back. He drops to his knees under the force. "Don't" I hiss. I'm on the brink of tears.

The only reason he stopped was cause he hit me. I don't think he would ever do that if he was thinking but he was fighting... he wasn't thinking.

I look at Joe. He's hurt. I let go of Sam's arm and run over to him.

"Shit, you idiot" I mumble.

"I should go home" he says looking, and moving, away from me.

God, I've hurt him. No, No, this is not what I want.

"Joe" I choke out.

"Not now Kita" he mutters then almost runs out of the house had it not been for his pain.

I'm left standing there frozen. Sam gets to his feet. "Out" I hiss.

They remain still. "Out!" I shout. Everyone besides Sam scrambles out. I grab my coat and run past him, after Sam but not without saying "Stay here".

Not that he's likely to do it. He'll probably come after me in like ten minutes.

"Ollie, Keys!" I shout. I hear his moan but he knows not to protest and throws the keys.

I take them and go to the garage jumping into his car. I drive quickly to Joe's house. Of course he's home. I run to the door and bang on it.

It opens revealing Joe holding a bag filled with ice to his head. "Oh, god" I whisper. "Let me help"

Before he can protest I run past him and into the down stairs bathroom. I wet a flannel and run to the living room finding him on the sofa.

I go over and kneel in front of him. We remain in silence as I wipe away the blood from his face. I get a bowl of hot water after a while to rise it in.

"Guess I have no chance now right?" Joe mumbles. I freeze and slowly put the flannel back in the bowl.

I put my hands in my lap and look down at them. "I'm sorry Joe" I whisper. He laughs.

"No, I should have seen it coming....... I was a bit stupid as well, shouldn't have hit him. Guess I was jealous cause you obviously enjoyed his kiss more then you did mine"

I look up at him my eyes filled with tears. "Joe, I-"

He puts a finger to my lips so I go quiet. "Its okay Kita. Now, go back before he comes over. Don't want me acting stupid again do you?" he says a slight smile on his lips.

I nod then leave the room, the house. I jump in the car and drive home.

I throw Ollie his keys as I pass and go to my room. I find Sam sitting on the bed face in his hands.

I close the door and he jumps to his feet. "Kita, I am so-"

I stop him sort pulling his face down to my level and kissing him. He pulls me close by the waist like before and I feel my hands go up into his hair.

This time luckily no one interupts and we end up lying on the bed just holding each other.

The End

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