Sam. - On Top Of The World, Untill I Got Punched!Mature

I pull her closer like this kiss isthe only thing keeping me alive. God, I been waiting for this since the first time we met. This is wonderful! Like going as fast as my old bike would go on a dirt track but better.

Unfortunatly we had to pull apart, I need air even if I don't want it. I rest my head on hers, are foreheads touching. Oh god, did she feel it too? Or is she going to send me away? God, I hope she doesn't.

"Wow." Kita breathed. I smiled, so it really was that good. I pulled her chin up and met her lips again, this time not as rough but still as pationate. We cling closer together, her hands in my hair and mine in hers. Suddenly the door bursts open. We separate reluctantly, looking at our intruders.

Ollie and Amy were standing there laughing while El wrinkled her nose up but from the look in her eyes, I can tell she's happy. I can feel Kita getting hotter, embarrised to get caught. I laugh, shaking my head. I look back at my fellow band members when suddenly Joe's fist comes flying into my face. I didn't have time to dogde and he hit me, hard.

I grab mybloody nose and punch Joe back. That's it! Of all the times I've been pissed off, this wins! Talk about typical! I finally kiss Kita and then I get punched for it! We start fighting and I can hear everyone screaming at us to stop, but no one can stop me during a fight! No one!

The End

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