Kita: BabblingMature

I jump up as Sam bursts into the room.

He sees Joe and turns on him. "Out, I need to talk to Kita" he says.

Joe sits up and tries to talk but I cut him off. "Go please Joe" I say pleading him.

He nods then gets up and walks out closing the door behind him. "You two seem quite close already" he says and I see the jealousy on his face which makes my heart leap in hope.

"We were friends since.... well forever this is just another step" I say shrugging.

"Yeah" Sam says looking away from me.

"Where did you really go then?" I ask.

"I went to buy a new bike then to the park" he says.

"To meet Amy right?" I say calmly.

"Yeah but-"

"No, its okay. I mean its not like your my boyfriend or anything" I regret those words cause they make me wince.

Not just cause of my feelings to Sam but because of my lack of feelings towards Joe my real boyfriend.

"Kita, I need to-"

"Maybe you should go" I say standing up. "We'll just end up arguing again and I don't think thats a good idea. I mean we only jus-"

He takes me by the shoulders and presses his lips on mine. I stand frozen then slowly relax, my eyes closing. I feel Sam's hands skim down my arms to pull me close by the waist.

He.... he's kissing me.

The End

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