Sam. - It Takes Amy To Help Me Realise.Mature

Me and Amy are sitting on a cold bench laughing. I feel so peaceful when I'm with her. "What's the time?" I ask her while she wipes a laughing tear from her eye. "You should know. You have something called a phone." I laugh a little. "Not anymore. I threw it at a wall." She looks at me shocked. "My old band text me then my mum called." I say looking off into the distance. Great happy mood's over.

Amy puts her hand on my shoulder a lightly squeezes it, giving me a reasuring smile. I don't want to talk about it and she doesn't press it. She knows what my old band members did to me. She looks at her phone and gasps. "Oh shit!" I look at her questioning. "Damn. I should of been home half an hour ago!" I can see the distress in her eyes. "Wanna lift?" She nods greatfully.

We run back to the gate, climb over it and get in Ollie's car. I rev the engine and we're off. "New wheels?" I let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, my phone wasn't the only thing I smashed up." She looked at me shocked. "You smashed up your bike?" I nod. "And my guitar." Her eyes get even bigger. "Why... Oh, your mum." She nods understanding. "Yep."

"What did she say?" I turn a corner fast. "The usual. About me going into politics. And she said that Kita is awful and she doesn't even know her. I mean c'mon!" Amy nods. And I stop the car. It's a red light and I'm behind about five other cars. Man, I miss my bike.

"You really like her don't you?" Her head's titlted to the side. "Who, my mum?" She laughs and shakes her head. "No, silly. Kita." Oh. I look at the road. "No." She laughs at my lie. "Yes you do." "What if I do, what does it matter? She's with that Joe bloke." Amy laughs. What did I do? "What?" She continues laughing. "Since when does one dude stop Sam Olivers from getting what he wants?" I look at her. "She wants him Amy. And anyway, I don't want her." I say.

She groans, looking frustrated. Wow, I think this is the first time I've seen Amy like this and I must say, she's scary. "Look Sam. You love her! I know it and so do you! And from all the things you've told me about Kita, I think she loves you to." I open my mouth to interupt, but she carries on. "She's probably only going out with that Joe guy to make you jealous. And it's worked."

She's right. She's always right. The light goes green. "Instead of going tomine first, go home and talk to Kita. She needs to know how youfeel." I do as she says and head home. We turn the corner to the bungalow and the press move back, cameras flashing wildly. I open the garage door and drive through, closing it behind me.

We get out and Ollie runs into the room to inspect his pride and joy. I throw him the keys. "Not a scratch." I say as I push past him. "This is Amy Johnson by the way." I yell over my shoulder on my way to Kita's room.

The End

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