Ollie: Unintentional EavesdroppingMature

Okay, what the actual fuck was going on? First Kita and Sam are at each other's throats, then they're ignoring each other, then they calm down and BOOM! Sam's smashed up his bike and bass. And BOOM! Kita's going out with that Joe guy. Weren't Kita and Sam fighting over a girl in the first place? Well, not over a girl. About a girl. Ugh, and then Sam taking my car. Again. Why do people keep taking my car? Seriously?! Honestly, Sam, you wouldn't need it if you hadn't gotten all pissy and smashed your bike...

But this Joe guy... He's either got guts or is completely mad to even think about taking Sam on in a fight. I mean, Sam's a freaking powerhouse! I took him on once and it was only a play fight and all but man, I was aching for days. I get where this Joe guy's coming from, I guess, and I've never been in love so I don't know if maybe it was something to do with that but the way Joe was acting seemed a little bit... What's the word? I don't know. It just seemed like he was trying to fight Kita's battles for her. And trust me, Kita does not need someone to fight for her, she's perfectly capable of looking after herself.

I didn't notice Kita slip off to her room. I was too busy worrying about my car. I'd let Sam borrow it no question because he was calm. Now...not so much.

"I'd like it back in one piece" I shouted to him as he stormed off to the garage.

I heard him revving the engine and speeding off in to the waiting paparazzi. "Yep. That's gonna be harsh on the tyres. I can see it now, blood on the windscreen, bits of reporter stuck to the bonnet. Nice. I sigh and look around. El's sat at the table, eating as if nothing had happened. I, on the otherhand, wasn't hungry. Instead, I made my way to my room, stopping outside Kita's when I heard low voices.

"Nothing, right?" I heard Joe say.

"No. I just.... I'm not that happy at the moment Joe I can't" Kita stuttered.

No matter how much she tried to make it sound convincing, to me it just sounded like a lie. She was lying to him already? That couldn't be good. Once again, never been in love so I can't pass comment but I don't think you're supposed to lie to each other.

I heard movement from withing the room and tiptoed to mine in case Kita and Joe were coming out. Trust me, I didn't want them to find me there. I wouldn't normally eavesdrop but... And either way, Kita can never know. She'll freaking kill me.

The End

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