Sam. - Need To Get Out.Mature

What the hell? One min Kita is all pissed with me for being seen with a girl, then she says that she likes me and now she's going out with a guy? I shake my head. All this is happening too soon.I turn my laptop on. I have a e-mail from Amy sent today. I open it, wanting to know what it's about.

'Hey Sam. It's Amy. I'll be at the park tonight just wondering if you wanna meet up. Went to your consert and you lot were amazing! Cya at the park. Or not. Whatever.'

I smile a little. I do need to get out, clear my head. I grab my jacket and (out of habbit) go to pick up my phone. I look at the crushed phone and anger builds up in my again. Why did I smash my bike? Now how amI gonna get outta here?

"Ollie." He come bouncing into my room, ready for dinner. "Yeah mate." "I need your car." He looked at me in a pained way, he knows that I loved my bike and still I smashed it, he probably thinks I'll do the same to his car. "Look, I need it because I have to get outta here and get a new guitar and bike, okay?" I say through gritted teeth. I know it's rude but yet again I'm too pissed off to care about anything. 

Ollie sighs, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the keys. "Be careful mate. Don't do anything stupid." And with that he walks out the room. Stupid? Me doing something stupid? Okay snob in me's back. I know where he's coming from. From the kitchen, I can hear Kita laughing at something Joe said. I growl under my breath. God I need to get outta here fast! I run out of my room and go into the kitchen, grabbing an apple.

They all give me questioning looks, but I know that they can see I need space. "Sam, where're you going?" "Out.  Am I not allowed to do that now without consulting the all might Kita." I glare at her and she looks hurt. She opens her mouth but Joe gets in there before her. "Don't talk to her like that! You have no idea what she's been going through!" Ollie lets out a little whistle. Man this Joe guy has some guts.

"Look Joe. I'm really not in the mood. If you want to tell me what to do then let's take this outside." I look down at him, he swallows and but doesn't backs down. He's got his fists balled, man, this dude is stupid! I pull my fists to my face, ready to fight. "Stop it, both of you!" We turn and see Kita, hurt dancing in her eyes. "Kita..." She runs out of the room before I get a chance to talk to her. Joe scowls at me then runs after her. Crap! I want to be the one comforting Kita, not him!

 I turn and go into the garage, getting into Ollies freshly washed car.  I open the garage door and the press start having a field day. I rev the engine and drive through the crowds.

First I head to the car shop and order the newist thing they've got. Now I can go to the park. I look at my watch as I speed around the corner, the park should be closed by now but Amy said this is when we should meet.

I stop the car at the closed gates and get out, locking the car behind me. I squint through the dark park and I can see someone there. "You coming then band boy?" I smile, I don't now how but whenever I'm with Amy, I'm calm.  I climb over the gates landing perfectly on the ground in front of Amy who I pull into a hug. "I missed you."

The End

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