Kita: Why take it out on the bike?Mature

"Ah come on Sam! Why take it out on the bike?" I moan pouting.

Not that I'm not pissed off by other things. How dare his mother think me, awful? She doesn't even know my life.

I could get her sent to timbuktu and back again. Sam's not the only person here from a posh heiratage.

In fact I don't think any of the others here know a thing about my family.

The door bells goes. "I'll get it. It will be Joe with my stuff..... Oh, he's staying over tonight" I say.

They turn look at me. I flash a smile then run into the hallway. I open the door and Joe steps in pulling me into a hug twirling me around.

Okay, maybe deserve a rewind.

The first night when I moved into Joe's I learnt something. He admitted he loved me.

Of course I was shocked and still in pain about Sam not liking me. So I said we can give a try but I can't promise anything more.

He said thats all he can ask for. At least he knows that.

So now we're in a sort of relationship. Doesn't stop me from loving either of them less. Worse actually, now I feel ripped in half.

One part wanting Sam even though I know he doesn't want me. Then the other part wanting for everything to work out with Joe cause I do love him.

Joe kisses my on the cheek and drops me to my feet.

I see over my shoulder Sam frozen in the doorway along with El and Ollie. They gawk with shock.

I turn and laugh, scratching my head normally.

"Guys this is Joe. He's been my best friend all my life and well now" I blush and look at the floor.

But I don't miss the pissed off look on Sam's face. Sam marches off to his room slamming the door.

I wince and look up at Joe.

"Go ahead. I'll just bring your stuff in" He says patting me on the shoulder.

"El can you listen for the timer. When it goes off take out the cottage pie" I say.

She nods and I run off after Sam. I knock on his door...... No, answer. I turn the handle and step in to see him lying back on his bed.

"So what I'm not allowed to have a relationship with someone but you are" He hisses.

I stay silent. He sits up and looks at me then freezes. I stand calmly.

"We're not going public with it.... for a reason it might not last" I look away and around the room.

Neat but messy like always.

"Why? You seem pefectly happy" he says sitting up on the edge of his bed.

"Cause I still like you Sam. Thats the reason why..... I need to go dinner might be ready now. Come when you've calmed down" I say then leave.

"Ahhh! What do I do?" El voice echos through the house.

"I'll take it" Joe's voice is calm. I go to the kitchen and lean against the door frame watching him.

He's the one that taught me to cook. He looks at me. "Everything okay?" He asks.

I nod. "Lets serve dinner up" I say.

The End

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