Sam. - Smashing.Mature

I'm on my bed thinking. Thinking about today, about last week, about life. I'm humming the tune of the song Kita gave me in the interview, I can't get it out of my head! I think the band's getting better. By getting better I mean that I think that me and Kita will be like we were soon.

I love our band and playing out there tonight felt so awsome! I know this is where my heart truly lies. Wow. That was deep, too deep for me. I wish we could be out there still playing, yeah my fingers would be killing me but I just love that rush! I look at my guitar and sigh. So many memories are  rushing back to me. Memories of my old band. God, I miss them. What the hell am I saying? They were right gits to me! They cornered me in an alley and fucking attacked me!

Bbz. Bbz. I pick up my phone. It's a text, I open it. 'Hey Sam. We were all at the consert tonight. You were amazing. We all miss you Sam. Just call some time ok? We want you back. Sorry about what happened in the past. Forget it?' Wow, that's strange. It's been ages ago since I was last in contact with my old band and now they text me out of the blue. I'm not gonna reply, they've just spoilet my mood. My phone starts ringing again. I answer it.

"Hey?" "Sam my baby. It's mother. Me and your father has had a chat and decided that you're going to live with usagain." I frown."Look mum, I'm not coming back. I've got a new home now." She laughs. "Oh Sam, that won't last. That chavvy band is not the way for a career." "Mum! I'll do what I like!" "You can't be serious. We've heard the news. You and that, that, girl has proven that you don't belong there." "Her name is Kita." I say through gritted teeth. "Oh that awful girl has a name? Her parents must be horrified of what their child has become!" "Shut up! You don't know anything!"

That's it! I throw my phone at the wall, braking it. Then I pick up my guitar and go into the living room. Ollie, El and Kita are on the sofa, the must of heard all of my conversation. I'm too livid to care. I go into the garage. They follow. I hold my guitar and start smashing it against my bike. Pieces of my old guitar are flying everywhere! I throw the rest to the falland pick up a hammer.

I start smashing up my bike. I don'twant it any more! It's theres! My parents gave it to me and I want nothing more to do with it! I keep going until every last part has been smashed to pieces. 

The End

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