Interview of ClosenessMature

Interview of Closeness

The interview went.... well I'd say. I learnt one cetain thing.

The bond of the band is strong. It's like that of a family, they have there ups and downs but with never give up on each other.

I learned that Kita did officially start up the band. She gathered together with a target and a dream..... that and her voice that I can say after watching the show does turn hearts.

But I must note. The band members are remarkable people. They all see the right path even with there slight differences.

Its no to the fact that there is something between Kita and Sam...... at the moment. I can see the tension there and the restraint held by Sam.

They do seem a bit forced distant though. I must finish the report now cause even a journalist like me needs her sleep.

The consert was excellent and SlashFlash are as great as everyone says.

This report was written by Danielle Winters.


The End

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