Kita: MusicMature

I look at the floor and smile. Then I decide what I'm gonna do.

I rush to my dressing room and grab the sheet out of my book then run back to the interview room.

I keep the sheet hidden from Danielle but hand it to Sam as I go past. He gets the hint and hides it.

I sit down and cross my legs one over the other.

I sit forward. "What did I miss?" I say calmly.

"Uhhhh...." Danielle mumbles. The interview continues and the questions are mostly about how we got together, what we think are essensial part for a band.

Then the interview ends and Danielle is escorted out.

I go over to the chair she vacanted and sit sideways in it my legs hanging over the arm rest.

I see Sam get up and go to the corner pulling out the sheet.

I can't help but smile. I wrote that a while ago.... always wanted to give it to hime never found the right time.

He looks up at me and I see the shock on his face. I mouth 'sorry' and he nods. I know thats as good as it gets..... for now.

As for the lyrics which are wrote uderneath the notes:

A pasting storm blew through his life,

A child is born his path already set,

A choice is offered for the music in his soul,

He takes that chance but he must not regret,

He continues his path but not the one chosen,

He set his own path, He chooses his own heart,

Words spoken from the soul not those taught,

That is the one thing he can't yet capture

The End

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