Sam. - Maybe.Mature

I follow Kita into a empty room and sit on the sofa opposite her. Okay awkard silence. "Kita, I know we've had a misunderstandment." "Misunderstandment? Don't turn posh snob on me Sam!"  Ismile alittle, she hates it when I gointo 'old me mode'.

"Okay, we've had a fight and none of the band wants the press to be all over it. Right? So, I think it'll be best if we try not to lose it during an interview." I look into her shocked eyes."What? You think because I'm a jerk I can't make sense?" She smiles a little. "No. I'm shocked because of how much you've thought of this." I laugh a bit and shake my head. She scowles at me. I miss this. I miss just sitting with Kita.

I stand up, heading for the door. "Where're you going?" I turn to see Kita still sitting down. "We're going back to the interview." She opens her mouth, probably to say that I can't tell her what to do. "Look, we have to go back in there, the sooner the better. If not, that reporter will put we were gone for a long time doing who knows what in her article or whatever this is for. Kita, I know you're still pissed at me and I am too but it'll be better for the band if we do the interview, answer her questions and then sort this out later, ok?"

She's thinking, knowing that I'm making sense. The truth is, I don't want to do this stupid interview. I don't really want to be here with Kita now. All I want to do is just, well, not this. And I really need to yell it all out, make Kita see how stupid she's being but I know that now, it won't help anybody. God, I really am sounding like a posh snob!

I look at Kita. "Stay here if you want, but I'm going backinto that interview and if you don't want me in the band then I'll.. I'll.." I know what'll solve this but I don't want to do it. "Then I'll leave." My voice was quiet but I know she heard it by her body stiffening, her mouth is wide open. She probably's shocked and confused by what I've just said, yet again. 

I turn and walk out, going back into the interview room, not wanting to argue with Kita. Maybe my parents were right. Maybe music isn't the place for me. Maybe I should do want they want, go to uni and then go into parliment like father. I take a big breath as I put my hand on the door nob and walk in, holding my head high, like nothing happened.

The End

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