Ollie: ThreateningMature

"Look, I thought this was gonna be about the band not about personal matters so sorry but I'm off" Kita said sternly, turning to leave the room.

"Wait, Kita" Sam said, running after her.

I strained my ears, listening for any signs that would tell us what was going on. First of all there was just silence. I held my breath. Silence wasn't necessarily good. Silence might mean there was a shouting match coming.

"Sam, Kita, you wanna do that in private? I'm sure El and me can keep Miss Winters occupied until you get back" I said silkily, throwing Danielle my nicest smile. Shame it was fake.

Without a word, Sam and Kita moved off, leaving me and El with Danielle. I gave her another smile and this time she smiled back.

"So, with the rumours around Kita and Sam flying about, is there any chance of the two of you hooking up?" Danielle asked.

"Me and him?! Don't be gross" El said with a laugh.

"Yeah, that's a huge no. I love El and all but no".

Danielle nodded and looked like she was going to ask another question but I interupted her. It was rude of me but there was something on my mind and I had to get it out. "Listen, Danielle. Can I call you Danielle?"

She nodded.

"Upset Kita or any of the band, and that includes roadies, again and I will see to it personally that you never have anything to with this band again. I'll make sure you never get another interview with us, never get within rage to get a photo for whatever lie it is you're spewing, and if you even think about going near a show... Forget bodyguards, I'll drag you away by your trashy blonde hair. Understood?"

Whoa, that was mean.

The End

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