Kita: InterviewMature

I jog of the stage grabbing my bottle of water from the side. I take a big drink then I grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat from my face.

"Yikes, Kita still looking for the world record of running of the stage" Ollie jokes. He grabs a bottle of water as well. "Can't you order coke or something else next time?"

"No, cause we're dehydrated you need water best way to get liquid back into your body" I say shaking my head but smiling.

I still feel the rush from being on stage and I can't seem to stay still. "Sit down, Kita. You'll need to be calm for the interview" El laughs.

I freeze. The interview. I immediatly find myself looking at Sam whose leaning off to the side with his water and guitar.

He's randomly plucking a tune which I end up realising is one of the songs in my book that I never told any of them about.

The one about him.....

He sees me looking and stops looking directly at me his eyes filled with slight sadness and with the slightly pissed off look. I look away and head off grabbing an apple on the way. I toss it in the air then catch it.

Then I begin to head for the interview room. I go in and looking around is a yound women. She has blond hair, stands very tall and thin in a posh suit with a skirt. Has square glasses which through I can see green eyes.

She turns and smile. She walk over gracefully and extends her hand. "My name is Danielle Winters, no need to ask who you are miss Kita" she says smiling. S

Her smile is shocking. She must take care of her self very well to remain in such health. I shake her hand then she looks up over my shoulder.

"Oh and here come the other band members" she say stepping round me.

I turn to watch El and Ollie come in and engage in disscusion with Danielle. Then Sam walks in.

He flicks his eyes to look at me and I see that still slightly pissed off look in his eyes. So I move off and sit down on the sofa.

Everyone sits down El and Ollie sitting between me and Sam.

"So, lets start with the rumors about you two?" Danielle says sitting in the arm chair and gesturing me and Sam.

"Nothings happened, Nothings Happening, Never will be" I say keeping my face calm when inside I'm tearing apart.

I know all the band members can tell cause I feel my hand figgeting like its instructing a tune.

Danielle turns to look at Sam, who just shrugs and looks off.

"What was the reason for the fight between you two then?" she continues. I jump to my feet.

"Look, I thought this was gonna be about the band not about personal matters so sorry but I'm off" I say sternly then turn to head out the room.

I leave and head towards the lounge. "Wait, Kita" I turn to the sound of Sam's voice almost automatically.

The End

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