Ollie: SoundcheckMature

I sat backstage chewing on my lip, a worried frown on my face. What was up with Sam and Kita? Was it because of the whole car thing? Because if it was I'm totally over that. Kind of. I'm willing to let it slide just this once. No, it couldn't have been that. Ugh, why are they being so difficult?

Kita walked past, head held high and sunglasses still glued to her face. She was walking away from the general direction of the stage which only made me more confused. They'd given us a five minutes heads up on soundcheck and there was no way Kita would've been done yet. For starters, she has to soundcheck last. Little old me gets the honours of going first. And laughing at the others if their gear isn't tuned properly.

"Going somewhere?" I asked, the worried frown not leaving me.

"I just don't want to be in the same room as him".

"What about the show?"

"I can ignore him. Besides, I only need you and El for timings, right?"

I grinned. "Sure do, doll. Without us you've got...well, I'm not sure what you've got but it's not good".

"Guys, they're ready for Soundcheck" El announced, appearing from nowhere. How the hell does she do that?!

"Got your sticks?" Kita asked.

I, being the prepared guy that I am, pulled a pair of purple sticks out of my back pocket. And amazingly they weren't broken. Instant win. The three of us walked out on to the stage, Kita and El both ignoring Sam. I gave him a smile and sat at my drums. What? Sam and Kita might have issues but they're both still my friends.

After a few minutes re-arranging, I was happy with my setup. The couple roadies we have try so hard and I really do love them for it. No really. They get hugs on a regular basis. Within a few minutes all my mics were set up and ready to roll, which meant it was Sam's turn. And then El's. Then Kita.

I caught sight of Sam's new-but-old bass and the worried frown worked its way back on to my face. His parents wanted him out of this business, what if the whole thing with Kita was enough to push him that way? Then again, he could do just the opposite. He'd done it before, what's to say he wouldn't just ditch and replace all of us? Because that's what he did. Replaced things. I chewed my lip again as I waited for the others to finish soundchecking. Something tells me the interview with Danielle Winters isn't going to go so well.

The End

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