Sam. - My Guitar.Mature

Where is he? I've been in the garage for about an hour and he should of been here ten minuets ago. I hear a knock and open the door, the press go wild. For fucks sake! There he is. "Here you go Mr. Olivers sir." He passed me my old guitar from my parents house and my new phone.

I nod to him in thanks. "Your mother and father wish to talk to you sir." I pull him inside and close the door. He was panting likemad. "They heard about your band and said that they'll pay for you to go uni and forget about all of this sir." Great! Even my parents are getting involved! They never get involved, not since I ran away three years ago. I shake my head, they've just been waiting for me to screw up.

"Well you can tell them to fuck off." He looked shocked but I'm really too pissed off to care about what he thinks. "But sir, your parents insist. They will you to come back home tothe mansion." Trust my parents to tell the messenger to put money into things, they're rich so they think they can win me over. They think they can control my life.

"He's not going anywhere! We are still a band, so jog on you posh git!" I turn and see Ollie standing behind me, lookind pissed off. He opens the garage door and pushes my parents messeger out. "Don't come back!" He yelled as he slamed the door shut.

I shake my head at him and leave. I need some time alone. AsI walk to my room El follows, shouting abuse. I ignore her and slam the door in her face. I lock it and start one of my old bands songs 'Piss Off'.

The End

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