Big Bash FightMature

Big Bash Fight among the SlashFlash crowd

Seems some bad words have past between band members Sam Olivers and Kita Marks.

The two had a massive shout out in front of there house and it seems that the normally calm but justified Kita has gone violent with rage.

I don't think we've lost are sweet little singer just learnt not to get on her bad side cause she will someway or another get her own back.

We believe this arguement has been caused by the photos on the internet of Sam with another singer called Amy. Thats all we have on her at the moment.

Or it maybe about Kita resieving a lot of numbers from various guys.

It also seems that Kita has now moved in with band legend Joe Heedly from Silent Starfire. The two celebs have been quite close for sometime now. There parents having known each other the two have grown up quite close.

I'm so very looking forward to my private meeting with the band members of SlashFlash this afternoon.

This report was written by Danielle Winters

The End

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