Kita: Morning MoveMature

I slam the door of the house closed behind me. Ollie jumps out immediatly and I throw his keys at him which he has to dodge. I run past El who tries to speak to me.

I go into my room and slam the door. I grab my suitcase out of my wardrobe and do what I should have done ages ago..... I pack.

My clothes, laptop, writing gear. I haul it out and to the door. I dump it there and walk past all three of them who are watching me with shock on there face.

I go to the practice room and they follow me. I grab my books and notes from the side.... then I see Sam's guitar.

"Uh.... dude" Ollie mumbles.

Sam tries to get past them quickly but I pick it up and throw it across the room, it smashing against the wall. El and Ollie stare shocked.

"I'm moving out see you at the consert and interview this afternoon" I smile then march straight past them. Joe's car is waiting on the road the Paparazzi surrounding it.

"Kita, Wait!" El shouts her and Ollie running after me. But I grab my coat and sunglasses from the side slip them on, stuff my books and notes into the suit case then walk out into the morning.

"You broke my flipping guitar" Sam shouts. The Paparazzi snap shots and watch are arguement with furious consentration

"Buy a new one" I shout back then turn to face him. "Seems thats all you're good at getting new ones"

Then I walk to Joe's car. I put my bag in the trunk and jump in the front seat.

"Did I tell you how bad this idea was?" Joe says shaking his head.

"Just shut up and drive" I say grinding my teeth. I'm angry and Sam should have know better.

Paparazzi is going to love this and I gave it all. Embarassment of a life time to Sam.

The End

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