Sam. - Admit It Sam!Mature

Oh shit, she's crying. Proper crying. I 've never seen Kita cry before and it's heart-breaking! I walk over to her bulled-up figure and sit down on the end of the bed. I put my hand on her back, she knows I'm here and she's trying to hide the fact that she's crying.

"Look Kita. I'm sorry that I went in your room. I was  trying to calm myswelf down but then I ended up in your room and..." My voice trailed off, I find it really unconfitable with this whole feelings stuff.

I get up and start pacing the room. "Kita, we can't be together." It came out in rush and even though it hurt me to say so, it's for the best. For the band and for us. I was looking at the floor, I don't want to see her reaction. "What do you mean, we can't be together?" I look at her, she's standing in front of me. She's being very stubbon.

"It's for the best Kita, you know that." She looked at me, trying to figure me out. "I don't know what you're on about. I like you so just go, I was just saying things." A few more tears escaped her face, and want to I brush them away with the back of my hand. I swallowed hard. Admit it Sam! Tell her the truth, she deserves the truth!

She's still in a ball and she's trying not to look at me. I don't want her to be upset. I really want to kiss her, I've been wanting it from the first day we met.

 Her eyes are wide. "Come back, El is getting annoying and Ollie's probably in a corner crying about his car." "Sam you idiot! Get the idea! Get out!" I know that she won't come back, not yet anyway. I walk out the room and stand by the front door, wishing that Kita will be following me.

Joe's down there giving me a worried look. I sign. "Tell her to come back. They guys miss her, they want her back." "Get lost Sam you jerk!" She yelled at me, from up stairs, she can hear me.

"I'll leave Ollie's car keys here. They want you back. You can do what you like for all I care, you always do!" I go out the door, get on my bike and rev the engine leaving Kita there. She'll come back soon, I hope.

The End

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