Kita: Rude late nightMature

Someone bangs hard on the door. I sit up rubbing my eyes and look to the digital clock on the side table. 12 o'clock.

I hear Joe's door open. He's getting up. I hear the stairs creak. I get up my self and find a nightgown. Well, I can hardly go down stairs in shorts and a top that Joe provided.

I mean I don't mind wearing it round the house but I don't know whose at the door. I walk out into the hallway just as Joe answers the door.

"Ah, Sam. May I ask why you are knocking on my door at midnight" Joe says. I freeze. I crouch low and when I reach the part where the hallway ends and turns to a banister looking down on the other hallway.

I peek out to see Sam standing in the doorway looking pissed and confused. Yikes, all that cause of his bike..... No, its more than that.

"I need to speak to Kita" Sam says.

"I don't think she wishes to speak to you" Joe says.

"Look Joe, I really need to talk to her now" Sam says. I step out standing.

"I'll talk to him" I call. Both of them look up at me.

Joe worried and Sam questioning. Joe nods then lets Sam in. I take the stairs quickly and stand in front of Sam.

"I'll leave you teo alone" Joe mutters and moves to the kitchen.

"Lets talk in the living room" I say. I clutch the nightgown tighter and move past him not waiting to see him following.

I walk to the centre of the living room. I hear the door close and turn to face Sam.

"You can take the bike back" I say. "I didn't reck it or anything"

"Whats going on Kita?" Sam asks. His tone is slightly snapping but questioning and confused.

"I stole you bike to get to you" I say shrugging.

"Why though?" Sam asks. "It has something to do with those Paparazzi pictures of me and Amy"

I blush then get angry. "You went in my room" I shout.

He doesn't seem affected. "And those songs" He carried on. "Whats going on Kita?"

I stay silent looking at the floor. "Tell me, Kita!" he shouts.

"Cause I like you!" I shout. "You'd think you would have noticed by now. But no, nothing can get through that stupid thick skull"

I realise I'm crying and Sam stares at me shocked and speachless. I put a hand to my mouth stopping a sob and run round him and out the room.

I go up to the spare room and slam the door behind me. Then I curl up on the bed. I hear movement downstairs..... then the door to the room creaks open.

Sam walks in.........

The End

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