Sam. - Too Pissed Off To Care.Mature

I throw my phone at the wall. This is stupid, her not answering any of my calls! Does she think that she can just go off and no one will care where she goes? El bounces into my room, from the look on her face she's going wind me up even more.

"Sam, haven'tI already told you, that throwing your phone at a wall isn't how you call people. You've got to dial the numbers in." I glare at her, she knows she's getting to me but she's carrying on.

"What's wrong Sammie-boy?  Oh, that's right. Kita's run off with your bike. I bet, when you get it back, it'll be all broken up and proper ruined!" I can't be dealing with El Andrews at the moment. I push past her and head for the garage. She's following behind me. Ollie's in there cleaning his car, he love that car. I go over to him. "I need your car mate." My hands out, ready for the keys.

"No can do man. These keys stay with me. Sorry." What? I scowl at him making him look away and El laugh loudly. I start to walkout the garage. "Hey, Sam. You can drive as long as I'm in the car." I turn back and get into the front, too fustrated to thank Ollie. I open the garage door and rev the engine. Ollie starts to get the door next to me, so he can come too but I've locked it. I knew that that wouldof come in handy one day. Ollie curses and El looks just as angry.

"What the fuck Sam?Are you so sad that you've started stealing cars now?" She's pissed and she's still trying to make me blow. Well done El, you have. I roll down the window. "Fuck you Eleanora!" And then I drive off, making the press dive to the ground, away from the car. I know they hate me at the moment but I really too pissed off to care! I know where I'm going, I'm gonna settle this once and for all!

The End

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