Kita: PhoneMature

I lie on the bed in the spare room. I'm trying to sleep but I can't.Then my phone goes off. I pick it up checking the ID.

Sam..... I press end call and send him a text.

Your bikes fine leave me alone.

Then I turn the volume to silent. I don't care what he has to say. He'll just be worrying about his bike like I knew he would.

I needed to annoy him one way or another. Yeesh!

Maybe I should have hidden that stuff in my bedroom before I left as well. What if he..... No, he wouldn't his bike and getting cute girls is all he cares about.

That causes more tears to stream down my cheek. The Jerk!

Then I curl up in a ball and try again to fall to sleep. But it's impossible.... I.... I need to write.

I get up and travel to Joe's room. I knock on the door. I hear a muffled moan. "Come in" he calls.

I step in and he sighs. "Yes, Kita?" he asks.

I'm actually a bit embarassed now he's only wearing trouser and has no top on and its making me blush like hell.

"Where can I get some paper and a pen?" I ask. He smile then shakes his head.

"Third door on the right's my office. There is a pile of journals use an empty one I'm sure you'll find a pen" he says.

I nod and quickly leave. I do to his office and retrieve the journal and pen then go back to the spare room and sit on the bed.

Then I begin to write.

"Angel Fallen, Angel Blue,

I cannot depend on you,

You were wishing a bit high,

Non of us can touch the sky,

I thought that we could belong,

I thought that we could go on,

Seems I'm alone right now,

Thoughts are whispers we need them how"

I look at the lyrics. A bit sad but that was the emotion I was using at the moment. I sigh then put the journal on the bedside table with the pen.

I lie down, settle myself then switch off the light.

The End

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