Sam Olivers. - Taking My Mind Off Of Kita.Mature

I'm going into my room, I really need to smash something! Who does Kita think she is, taking my bike? What the hell did I do wrong? She's the one taking random guys numbers!

Somehow, I'm in Kitas room. I sit onher bed with my hands in my hair, I can hear Ollie and El talking but I really can't be arsed to listen in. God, Kita makes me so angry at times! How dare she take my bike! I shake my head, I officially pissed off! I love that bike and Kita knows that! She better not brake it!

I get up, about to go into my bedroom, when I saw her laptop. It's one of those press websites, where they put photos of celebs and say a lod of stuff about them. These photos are of me and Amy! Why she looking at them?

I take a closer look and I can see a caption that Kita must of been looking at. 'Above: SlashFlash's very own Sam Olivers and a unknown girl comes out of a pub standing very closely together.' The photo is with me and Amy coming out of the pub and laughing, looking at each other.

Is this the reason why Kita walked out? Because of a photo? She of all people know that the press lie about relationships. I close the laptop, not wanting to see anymore. This is making my head hurt big time. I look around, making sure everything is in it's right place. What's that?

There's a book open on her bed, is it a diary? Curious as I am, I walk over and pick it up. I know it's rude but I'm too pissed to care! It looks like songs about... Shit!

The End

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