Ollie: WhippedMature

"Sammy boy, you are officially whipped" I said with a smile.

"She's not my girlfriend" Sam snapped. I could see him trying not to get pissed at me. Now would've been a good time to just sit and be quie, right?

Wrong. "Okay, so she's not your girlfriend but she's still got you whipped. I mean, she got your bike without a challenge. She goes anywhere near my car and she knows I'll actually kill her".

"Do you care about anything other than your stuff? Something's up with Kita and you don't seem to care".

"Aaw, man, why d'ya have to go and say it like that" I said, pouting a little, "I just reckon it's best to give Kita some time to let off some steam".

"She could be anywhere".

"Ah, I wouldn't worry about her. She's probably just crashing at a mate's place. Hey, I bet she's even cleaning things. Isn't that what girls do when they're mad? Clean things?" I asked El as she walked in the room.

El shrugged and sat on the sofa. She looked a little confused when she saw Sam so I'm guessing she heard Kita taking off on his motorbike. Sam sighed and stormed out of the room, probably going to let off some steam by punching some things. Hey, he should learn drums! Then again, he'd probably break the skins if he got pissed off. He sure is one muscley guy

The End

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