Kita: I'm going outMature

I slam my door and come down the stairs angrily.

Sam's got back and I hear Ollie laughing.

"You're in for it man" he jokes. He's not I can't even look at him. I grab my coat then my phone, keys and purse.

"I'm going out" I hiss heading for the door.

"But its late" Sam says. "You can't walk around at this time"

"I'm not walking" I say heading for the garage. I wait for him to get my point and he gets it just as I reach the door.

"Kita!" He shouts. I slam and lock the garage door in his face. Shouldn't of taught me to ride it then should you, I think to myself.

I grab the helmet and pull it on. I swing my leg over so I sit on the bike then press the button on the wall to rise the garage door.

I rev the engine then release the clutch. Of course the paparazzi will think its Sam, they don't know he taught me to ride. That was the whol point.

I'm not angry, I'm a bit hurt. I know it's not like we were together or anything but......

Cold tears. I pull in a Joe's an old mate of mine. I jump off and take the helmet off as I reach the door which is already open.

Joe stands there arms open. I let him pull me into a hug. "You get upset so easily" he mutters.

We go inside.

"Need a drink. Pepsi? Lemonade? Appletizer?" he asks as I follow him to the kitchen.

"Lemonade will do fine" I say leaving the helmet at the door. I sit down on a stool at the high table in the centre of the room. I sigh.

"Sam's still gonna kill me for that though" I mutter.

"Yeah, well your tough don't let him get to you and I did warn you" he say smiling at me lightly.

Joe's part of a band called Silent Starfire. The paparazzi no longer crowd his house but he still gets it. He did warn me about the first few months.

"You stay here tonight. I've got a spare room" He says smiling.

I smile back even though I know its fake but I am grateful.

The End

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