Sam Olivers. - The Pub.Mature

I rev up my engine, turning the corner. Finally, I'm here. Iive missed this place. I park my bike and take off my helmet, shaking my head, sending my thick sandy hair over my face. This is my favourite look, the rebel look.

I get off my bike and headed for the pub. No man at the door, somethings never change. Music fills my ears as soon as I stepped through the door. I go straight to the bar. The barmaid takes one look at me and rolls her eyes.

"I knew you'll be back here. That girl of yours, from your old band, used to come in here every night looking for you." "Nice to see you too Shelly. I'll have a pint." I flash her one of my most charming smiles, she giggles and go gets it. She hands it to me and I pay her. Shelly's alright, she really liked Beth (my ex).

I take a seat in abooth by the wall, my usual seat. I take a swig, close my eyes and just listened to the music. I'm letting it fill me up. They are okay I surpose. The singer is fantastic though and she's killer with the guitar. The band finishs and splits up. The only one left is the singer. Man, she's hot! I mean really, really, hot!

She's over by the bar, waiting to get served. I walk over there, I've finished it anyway. I stand next to her, checking her out. Shelly's taking a while. I look over to her, she's just talkingto a costumer. The hot singer was getting impaitent. I whistle Shelly over, and she comes instently.

I smile, knowing that the singer is looking at me. "I'll have another pint and whatever she's having." The singer glares at me, a stubbon look in her eyes. "I'll get my own drink if you don't mind. Just coz you're in a big band doesn't mean every girl is going to be jumping all over you." I start to laugh. Wow, this is different. "Finally, I've been waiting years for someone like you to say that to him Amy." I look at Shelly from the corner of my eye. "So, what you having Amy?" A cocky smile is on my face, her beautiful sky-blue eyes are looking back at me.

"Dry white wine." Shelly went and got are cold drinks, I paid for them. I take Amy back to my booth and we started talking. Man, she's amazing. "You're a really good singer and a amazing guitarist." She blushes a little, trying not to let her enjoy our flirting. "Thanks. We're not that good." "Amy, they're not good. You are going to be huge one day, trust me." She rolls her eyes, she must think I don't mean it. We finish our drinks. We start to laugh at two drunken guys trying to get it off with Shelly.

Amy looks at her watch. "Crap." She mumbles. "What?" Man, I think this girl is amazing. "I've got to get going, I should of been back ages ago. My mates are going to be going out of their minds." She stands up and I rise with her, not wanting to lose any second moment with her. "Wait." She looks up at me. "At least, let me have your number."I looked at her, wishing that she would. She looked like she was trying to decide. "Okay."

I give her my phone and she types in her number. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She looks even more beautiful when she smiles, it lights up her whole face. She starts walking away, she turns back after a while. "You gonna walk me out, or what?" My smile spreads and I half ran to catch up with her.

We were looking into each others eyes, laughing as we walked out the doors. Thousands of cameras started flashing like mad as soon as we were in show. "Oh shit. Why don't they fucking leave me alone?" 

The End

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