Suspision on a mission

Suspision, we have come through. That Kita and Sam of SlashFlash are hooking up.

But with this suspision us journalists are wondering about two things.

One, being Sam's past as we've discovered that he was in a band before and that, that said band split up over a relationship problem involving the member Sam Olivers. Girls we better keep an eye out on this charmer.

Two, is we are now wondering if since Kita and Sam might be hooking up then maybe the other band members Ollie and El might be starting something.

Just a thought or maybe one lucky fan might be able to snag one for themselves.

Tommorow afternoon I will have an exclusive post from a private meeting with the four band memebers.

No camera's, No other people. Just a book, a pen, me and the members of SlashFlash.

I won't keep you waiting it will be up straight away.

This Report is by Danielle Winters.

The End

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