Kita: KnownMature

I end up skipping dinner. I'm no longer hungry.

I know why Sam left to go to the bar. He's remembering his last band. It took him a while till we could convice him to join this one.

I remember that. I was so persistance getting this band together. I got El first, then Ollie even though I started after Sam first.

I started with him cause of his experience... I had none, only a voice that I was told could turn faces, capture hearts.

Ha, as if. I'm not that good.

I go to my room and grab my A4 journal. It's full with songs, some we've sung but most of them I keep to myself.

Like this one.

"Winters is cold, A touch on my cheek,

These feeling are something I cannot believe,

You are my angel, My only star,

You are this feeling takin me so far,

I am the one you'll always walk by,

Please look my way now take me to the sky,

Take me to the sky............, Take me to the sky.........,"

That's only one verse. I wrote this the moment our group came together. It was a perfect moment.

I know who I wrote it about. Sam......

No, we can't. I love him but we can't. With the media, his past..... his whole group fell apart on a romance, his romance.

I sigh falling back on my bed. Rest is what I need.....

Oh, great I just remembered tommorow night we have that consert then a meeting with the famous Danielle Winters.

Who seems to have become our personal journalist.

The End

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