Sam Olivers. - Dinner!!Mature

Mmh, dinner. The best time of the day. Me and Ollieare already scoffing it down when the girls come up. Man,  Kita looks amazing but i shouldn't go there. Couples can ruin a band, like my last one. 'Bike Boyz' could of been epic but when Sally Ricks was our singer. We went out for a bit but she was a complete bore, so i broke it off. After that, the band got torn up . So it's not really the best way to go. The only problem is, telling Kita.

I lay down my knife and fork, I'm done. I look up and Kita's eyes lock onto mine. Man, this is gonna be hard. God, I need a drink. I stand up and head towards the garage. "Hey Sammie-boy!" I turn back into the kitchen.

"What?" Okay, it's rude but I just want to get out of here and think. I look at El, with her new black hair. She shakes her head, like I should somehow know what she's thinking. "Where you going Sam?" Kita's voice is strange, she's trying to make it sound like she doesn't care but she's never been good at things like that.

I run my tanned hand through my sandy hair. "I'm going out, I haven't been to a pub in ages." "Mate, you're not serious are you? The press are everywhere, you'll be attacked by them!" I roll my eyes at Ollie and walk out of the door. "Not where I'm going." I mumble under my breath, heading once again for my bike. 

The End

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