Kita: SingingMature

I finish preparing dinner and leave it in the oven to cook. I set my timer walking out to the livingroom singing the new song as I go.

"Tears are fallen, sky are blue,

I can not depend you,

I been lifted and drop back down,

I do not know how to stand my ground..."

I trail off as I see Sam sitting on the sofa watching me walk past.

"Where's Ollie?" I asks.

He shrugs, "I think he's in the practice room" he says. He takes a swig of his drink then switches on the Xbox.

I shake my head and begin to walk off. El comes jumping down the stairs. "What's for Dinner?" She asks.

"You know it would be really helpful if one of you cooked" I mumble.

"Yeah but are skills and meals are limited" El says smiling. "I'm going to practice"

"We should all practice.... Sam!" I shout his name and I hear him sigh.

"Coming" he calls. We all go to the practice room which is sound proof and all windows are tinted.

We all set up. Sam and El tuning there guitars and Ollie just twirling his drum sticks. I wonder when these were gonna break.

I set up the microphone and we stand more of in a circle.

"One, Two, Three, Four" I shout the words the the clash of Ollie's drumsticks. Then we begin the song.

Catchy beat and sort of soft lyrics. Not to sad and not to happy. Then El misses a chord.

"Shoot" she mutters.

"No worries, we only wrote it last week" I say smiling. "You should write down the chords and bring them down for practice not just memorise them"

She nods taking in my surgestion. El practices the most and usually isn't the one who makes mistakes. The accusing finger points to Sam, not really though.

"Lets try again" I say.

We continue until my alarm goes off. I pull out my phone. "Dinner time" I mutter then the boys raise for the dining room.

Me and El look at each other then burst out laughing.

The End

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