Ollie SummersMature

I frowned as El made her way to the garage, clearly intending on sneaking past the paparazzi. The attention from the media doesn’t really bother me as much as it does the others. Guess I’m just an attention-whore. I sighed, shaking my dark ginger hair and pouting a little as a strand fell out of place and tickled the right side of my nose, just below the small silver ring that was always present there. I moved the hair back into place and turned my attention back to the TV. 103 inch widescreen; a little bit over the top maybe but damn it’s got a great picture. Well, as long as you don’t sit too close. How did we even get it through the door?

I flicked through the channels again, not really finding anything interesting. Not even one episode of Spongebob. I threw the remote back on the sofa and stretched with a yawn, catching sight of my arms. Wow, they were skinny. Wait, were they really that long? And at that I started waving my arms around in a quest to find out if they were really as long as they seemed to be.

The noise from the paparazzi made me stop. I may be an attention-whore but I know pictures of you waving your arms around like a crazy guy aren’t helpful when you’re trying to make it in a band. I turned my attention back to the TV again and started humming a random tune. It started sounding familiar so I focused on it before realizing what it was: the song we all wrote together. I kind of had the least input on that one. Yeah, I’m not good with lyrics. I think I got a couple lines done after about three days then magically got distracted by some documentary on Jimi Hendrix.

I sighed, switching off the TV, and made my way down to our practice room. It’s easier to keep my kit down there, means I don’t have to redo the set up every time we practice. Which is nice. I looked over my kit, which I have to say is kind of my pride and joy. The shells are bright green and, get this, see through. Oh yeah, see through. And all the rims, tension rods and lugs are purple. A kind of bright but dark purple and goes with the green like… Well, it just looks awesome.

I tapped my fingers against the snare drum before setting out on my search for drumsticks. I did used to keep them by the set by I kept forgetting and ended up breaking them. So now they just sort of go where I leave them. There’s normally a pair in my room but, once again, I’d forgotten about them and “snap”, drumsticks are no more. I found a pair sort of hidden under the kick drum and sat down at the kit, trying to work out the kinks in our latest song.

The End

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